Our developmentally appropriate curriculum is based on the knowledge of how young children learn. The curriculum is designed to intergrate knowledge from multiple disciplines. Our developmentally appropriate classrooms are appropriate for the age group that they serve. We focus on individual development and the learning needs of each child. The classrooms are structured to encourage children's learning through hands on manipulation of materaials, toys, group play, and individual exploration.



Our infant room is warm, friendly and cozy. We understand that the most important thing we do is provide each child with love and security as they rollover, sit up, take their first steps and say their first words.







Our terrific twos are learning to play independently and with other children, but they want their caring teachers nearby. Teachers guide children's learning through play. Colors, shapes, numbers and other skills are introduced through activities, songs and materials.


Older Infants

In our older infant room we continue to provide an environment filled with love and kindness. Children are encouraged to explore, touch and interact with a wide variety of toys and materials. Singing, dancing, reading, coloring and make believe play are a few of the activities children do everyday.



In the preschool room, children are exposed to carefully coordinated lesson plans which include but are not limited to, circle time, fine motor, gross motor, art, sensory, math, science, language, writing and reading readiness. When children graduate from Wee Luv'em they go into kindergarten with the confidence and the knowledge they need  to know.